Southeast Stock Horse

About Us

Southeast Stock Horse (hereby referred to as SESHA) was established in 2010 to promote the versatile horse and rider through education and skill development of equine disciplines. In the day of specialized disciplines in the horse world, we have somewhat lost the true versatility of the western horse. The (versatile horse) concept is best defined as a willing equine partner that is comfortable in multiple areas in competition and work. Competitions based on these disciplines provide a format to measure the progress of both horse and rider in a friendly atmosphere. The comradery and fellowship of like-minded individuals with a desire to learn and compete provide an atmosphere that is second to none. Nowhere in the horse business will you find more people that are encouraging you, cheering you on, and supporting your efforts of improving your horsemanship and competition skills. Each show will include, on the first day, an affordable clinic featuring accomplished professional horsemen teaching horsemanship and stock horse principles to advance your skills. These shows are designed to accommodate from the beginning to advanced horsemen and horsewomen and provides classes from entry level to advanced riders and horses. SESHA is proud to provide a venue to facilitate friendly, economical, and educational equine competitions.

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